Gröna Tåget on the tracks

The Gröna Tåget programme has conducted fundamental analysis and research on the different issues as well as development, design and testing of new technology. Most of these technologies have been type tested in a specially converted test train – the Regina 250 – between 2006 and 2009. Also, for more than three years, from 2009 to 2012, a number of crucial technologies underwent functional and endurance testing in commercial services.

The test train has set a number of new Swedish speed records, of which the most recent was set in September 2008 with a speed of 303 km/h. This was achieved on standard track and overhead catenary on the Swedish Western Main Line, where the technical standard is appropriate for normal daily operations in the range of 160–200 km/h.

The solutions proposed in the Gröna Tåget programme will be realised through collaboration with the industry, primarily in the form of Bombardier’s development work and on-going deliveries. One example is SJ 3000 (X55), which has some solutions developed for interior design of Green Train, but otherwise is a Regina for mainline services. Active Lateral Suspension (ALS) and drives with PM motors developed under Green Train program are introduced in new trains for France, Italy and Switzerland.