Gröna Tåget
Tohmmy Bustad
781 89  Borlänge

Tel: 0771 921 921

The Green Train (in Swedish “Gröna Tåget”) is a high-speed train concept, that is economical, environmentally friendly and attractive to travellers. It is suited to specific Nordic conditions with a harsh winter climate, often varying demand and mixed passenger and freight operations on non-perfect track.

The main proposal is a multiple unit train for speeds up to 250 km/h equipped with carbody tilt for short travelling times on electrified main lines. The concept is intended to be a flexible platform for long-distance and fast regional passenger trains that are interoperable in Scandinavia, i.e. Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Gröna Tåget programme delivers a collection of ideas, proposals and technical solutions for rail operators, industry and infrastructure managers.